EVY Capital completes acquisition of HomeNetwork Company

by HNC

28.06.2021 | Sofia, Bulgaria

EVY Capital completed the acquisition of one of the fastest growing media companies in Bulgaria – HomeNetwork Company (HNC).

HNC has 2 TV channels (HomeOne and HomeMall), 2 television studios operating under the HomeStudios brand located at National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Part of the deal is also the HomeMall Bulgaria which is subsidiary of HNC. The company (HomeMall Bulgaria) operates the largest tele sales network in Bulgaria broadcasting on 22 local TV channels, including own call center with more than 100 employees.

“We are so excited for our second acquisition in Bulgaria. We are welcoming HomeNetwork Company and HomeMall Bulgaria in our family and we are looking forward for all the amazing changes that are coming in the future. We are keeping the current management for the both companies. Mr. Vladimir Ivanov will continue to be the CEO of HomeNetwork Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors of HNC and HMB.” said Emil Georgiev – Member of the Board of Directors of EVY Capital .

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