HomeNetwork Company Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

by HNC

HomeNetwork Company (HNC or The Company) celebrates its one-year anniversary this week. The company was founded a year ago and quickly became one of the fastest growing media groups in Bulgaria. In one year the company launched 2 TV channels, works on its own streaming platform.

Launched as a linear television-oriented group, HNC changed the model of organization and distribution and changed its focus, focusing exclusively on rich, diverse and interesting content.

The future of the company is focused entirely on creating new, unique and diverse content, which will be distributed both in the group’s TV channels and in partner TVs, online, streaming platforms, VOD, SVOD and through various OTT platforms.

HomeNetwork Company CEO and Chairman of the Board Vladimir Ivanov said: “Today is a very special date for us and our company. Only a year ago we started with a small office and a team of 5 people. A year later we are a company with over 1500 sq.m. offices and 400 sq.m. own studio complex and a team of over 200 people. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this one year and our amazing progress. After the acquisition of HNC by EVY Capital, we had the opportunity to look at the market in a whole new way. Traditional television is history and doing something that has already been outdated is a mistake. That’s why we’ve focused all our efforts and resources on creating a new, all-content-oriented company. Next month we will launch a new channel that will be available to absolutely everyone through cable, satellite and IPTV providers, online and on-demand. This marks the beginning of a new era in the Bulgarian media market, starting with the fact that we will offer the first polythematic national 4K television, we go through a completely new model of making and presenting the news and going to developing completely new formats and series for the Bulgarian market. Here I will only raise the curtain, mentioning that we are currently negotiating with 3 production companies for 10 new series, which will be released in 2022.”

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