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Our Story

EVY Media is an entirely Bulgarian company focused on creating niche media projects. The company is headquartered in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. In our portfolio we have 2 TV channels, 1 online store, 3 digital services and 5 websites. With the establishment of the company, we focus our efforts on filling strictly profiled niches. The main mission of Home Network is to create a lasting, high-quality and well-functioning connection between consumers and business, using all media products combined with the power of new technologies, social platforms and all the advantages of the Internet environment.

The Beginning

Driven by our desire to help businesses in need, while doing our best to protect people from any risk to their health, we decided that now is the time to create a small group of media that are the link between businesses and end users. On the one hand, we help every business to reach its audience, on the other hand, their audience can touch them without even leaving their home.

HomeOne TV

Welcome home.

HomeMall TV

Mall in Your Living Room

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With more than 100 000 unique followers across all social platform we have constantly growing audience and loyal viewers.

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